Reflectix® Literature

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Please Note: The F and T codes at the beginning of each name (ex: F12) are internal Reflectix literature codes, not to be confused with our product codes.

HVAC/R Literature
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OEM Literature

Pro Building Literature
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Retail Literature

Shipping Literature

Technical Literature / Product Testing Specifications
T1 - Reflectix Material Safety Data Sheet (Revised 0612).pdf
T3 - Heat Flow by Radiation.pdf
T11 - Thermal Performance in Crawl Spaces.pdf
T18 - RIMA Booklet.pdf
T20 - Hot Surface Performance C 411.pdf
T25 - Reflectix Big Bubble Technical Info (Revised 1012).pdf
T38 - City of LA Approval (Revised 0512).pdf
T52 - Flame Spread Testing for ETL Rating.pdf
T60 - Reflectix Concrete Pad.pdf
T62 - Reflectix DB1 Technical Info (Revised 0612).pdf
T70 - Reflectix® Spec Guide for CDW1 Commercial Duct Wrap (0413).pdf
T75 - Reflectix RB48125 Radiant Barrier Technical Info (Revised 0612)
T82 - Reflectix RDBW3 Technical Info (Revised 1012).pdf
T83 - Reflectix RSB3 Technical Info (Revised 1012).pdf
T84 - Reflectix RSBW3 Technical Info (Revised 1012).pdf
T85 - Reflectix RDB1 Technical Info (Revised 1012).pdf
T86 - Reflectix RDB1 E 84 Test Mounted on E 2599 Frame Tech Info (0612)
T87 - Reflectix RDBW3 E 84 Test Mounted on E 2599 Frame Tech Info (0612)
T88 - Reflectix RSB3 E 84 Test Mounted on E 2599 Frame Tech Info (0612)
T89 - Reflectix RSBW3 E 84 Test Mounted on E2599 Frame Tech Info (0612)
T90 - Expansion Joint Technical Info (0612).pdf
T91 - Sill Sealer Technical Info (0612).pdf
T92 - NEW! RB4812550 Radiant Barrier Technical Info (0514).pdf
T93 - RB48125 Radiant Barrier Material Safety Data Sheet (0313).pdf
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